Dream Realm

Let the dreaming begin!

Prank Gone Wrong…

This dream was really weird. I don’t remember much of it, but I remember being really scared.

I remember the beginning of the dream where I was hanging out with my friends at a place I have never been before. I remember pranking some guy for fun who turned out to be an under cover agent and he took them very seriously and tried to get revenge.

Then I remember walking along the road and finding a gold plated ring that looked very similar to mine, and thinking that someone must have been trying to replace my ring because they know my attachment to it. I thought of the same guy who was trying to take his revenge. I think in my dream I thought it was him who was trying to steal my ring. Then I remember talking to my mother about taking the ring off, and she asked me why. I told her the honest truth, and she said she’ll handle it.

And then I remember the guy coming over to where I think I was staying with my family, and him trying to kill me. But my mother came in time to save me and then she asked me hide behind the kitchen counter. I did. I remember hearing her argue with him in a hush tone and then someone pulling out a gun. I remember looking up and seeing the gun being waved in the air. I think it was in his hand.

And then I remember hearing a gunshot, and a loud scream( which I think was me).

Then as usual before I could know who was dead, I woke up.

Until Next Time

- Parul Khullar

“It’s my Skull”

Hey peeps! Just some background story about my dreams:

I have been really stressed about something all week and I guess it was the perfect time for it to creep into my dreams as well. Without any further due, here it is:

Let’s call this mysterious guy in my dream john Doe!?!?!

So I was watching the 100th anniversary of cartoon network show with John and I fell asleep on his couch. Maybe he was sleepy too but I didn’t notice, but couple of mins later I was being transferred to my bed in his arms. I guess I was really sleepy so when he put me down on the bed, I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug saying “Thank you!”. And suddenly I could feel him sobbing. As if he was in a lot of pain. His face was buried in my shoulder and suddenly I was wide awake. His arms were wrapped around me too and he was hugging me as if he was scared of letting me go. And then in his faintest whisper he said,

“I am sorry, I didn’t know what to do. I am so sorry. Please help me. I am so sorry, I fucked it up between us. I am so sorry. Please take me back!”

I couldn’t say anything. All I could do was hug him. He was crying now. As if he had been holding this back all this time. I just hugged him and let him get it all out. Minutes later when things calmed down and he was feeling better I cracked a joke saying, “Well that escalated quickly”. He burst out laughing. He then looked at me, and smiled and kissed me. It felt heavenly. Better than any real kiss could ever have been. It was then his friends came into the room, and asked which is a better place to watch something on their laptop. Since it was my apartment, I told them they could watch it in the living room, just move everything to the floor. 

Up until that point it felt real as if I wasn’t dreaming, and then suddenly he turned black and white, and I realized it was dream. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I wish John Doe was here. 

Dream Part II:

I was back in India again with my parents and we were celebrating someone’s birthday and my mom decided to put the cake in the freezer and obviously it got all ruined. I was very upset because I am a cake lover. So I told her that we should get another cake because everyone is getting anxious and it’s not good to keep the guests waiting. She got upset that she is going have to go out again and this is going to be hectic because let’s face it, I still get nightmares about Indian traffic, even though I love it. Anyways, she had parked the car in the garage so she got it out and was waiting for me when she stopped dead in the middle of road. I turned towards her and saw that she was staring at something in horror. I turned around to see that there was an angry female kangaroo charging right at us. I couldn’t think of anything else, so I yelled “Run” and ran inside but I guess my mom didn’t hear it. Couple of mins later I heard my mother scream, and that’s when I woke up from my dream.


To say that I was terrified would be an under statement. I have been having these nightmares a lot lately, and I keep hoping that they would stop.

Also, I had another dream last night which I don’t remember much, but all I remember is that I was hanging out with my friends when I was watching tv and doing homework, when a skull appeared on the coffee table. My friends all ran to hide in the corners when I couldn’t move. Minutes later when nothing happened, they all came back and saw that I hadn’t moved at all, and they asked me if I knew what it was and I nodded, and then whispered, “It’s my skull”.


I am not sure what’s happening with me in the dream land. 

-Parul Khullar


The Slender Man will kill you…

I am not joking!

I am never going out in the dark again all by myself. Ever! I hate dark, and slender man and dark. :(

So there I was hanging out with my room mate and her boyfriend and his room mate when one of them ( I won’t point fingers, but it was the boyfriend’s room mate) started to play Slender. Creepiest game ever!!! All you have to do is collect pages. There are 8 of them. Even though you collect all of them, you die in the end. But the way he kills you… I am scared for my life.

That was yesterday, and this is what happened today.

So I went to see Soundarya and I was talking to her about the game slender when she told me that it was based on a youtube series, so what did the curious George do? Decided to fucking watch it when I was fucking alone in my room. Now I only got up till Entry #4 but I am scared as hell. I refuse to step down from my bed. Ahhh!! And the fucking window is open and there are noises coming from the window, and I am soooo scared right now. 

You don’t believe me? Fine Bitch! Go on YouTube and search Marble Hornets and begin watching from Entry #1 and don’t chicken out before watching Entry #4. I dare you. 

Now I am going to sit my room and cry. :( 


The Dream Last Night

Hello guys!

I am back with another dream to talk about. However, this one wasn’t all that eventful. Actually it was. I just don’t seem to remember it. So here’s what I remember:

… I was coming from somewhere and I thought of visiting my friend, Ria. When I went to her place (currently, where she is living), it was completely changed. Not structure, but the aura of that place had been completely changed. I knocked on her door, and waited. Few minutes later, she opened the door, and she was getting ready to go somewhere. She was in the process of wearing her ear rings when she had opened the door. It was at that point, I looked down at my feet and realized that I was dressed as well. I guess we were going to the same place. Although, I don’t recall thinking that when I decided to visit her place. Never the less, I went in and started pouring my heart out over something (whatever I said, I didn’t know remember now. But it was something that has been happening in my life). She heard me patiently while getting ready and then we left for wherever we were going. After we reached there, something happened( which I don’t seem to remember) which made us run from there and by the time we got to a shelter, we were out of breath and were almost dead.

Then there was a tap on my shoulder and I turned around, and I was horrified. It was then I heard a saw roar…

And then I woke up nearly out of breath.

Until next time I can remember my dream

-Parul Khullar

I love you New York

So last night I was in New York studying Computer Science. Apparently that particular night I went out with my friends and came home very late. Let’s just say around 12 am. As I was walking home I realized that my apartment was right next to a very nice hotel whose name I couldn’t see because the building was really tall. Whatever!! I went in to check it out, thinking that I could probably fool the Manager into giving me a room there. And then as I approached the Manager, I chickened out and said that I was really starving and was wondering if you know a place where I can go eat since I am new to New York. To my self I am thinking, “Seriously chicken! Really? Can’t do anything. urgh!!”. Anyways the Manager disappears and I am just standing there like an idiot, thinking he is never going to come back. I look around the place and I see a 24 hour bank. Anyways I go over there because the guy on the counter looked really bored as well. He was kind of cute. Really cute. Anyways I go over to him and introduce myself and just talk to him about how can I get a job there. Then we start talking and that’s when the Manager comes and talks to me telling me he thinks he can give me a job. I enquire about the job and he said that there are many visitors that come here with their families and sometimes they need baby sitters for their children to keep an eye on them while they are on the tour. So I thought, “Hanging out with kids, how bad can it be.” Oh how wrong I was.

Anyways while working there I came across a particular family whose kid was let’s just say old as me who needed to be kept an eye on because he was a fucking brat. While hanging out with him, he one day decides to take me some strange cliff where he wants to jump from the cliff in the car. Apparently, he thinks that it’s one of the crazy things to do. Oh well! Now I have to convince this crazy bastard not to do it. I mean seriously who does that. Anyways I tell him that this is very dangerous and I can take him to a bar or something but this is potentially going to kill him. He calms down a bit, and begin to go back to the Hotel. He, suddenly, turns around and decides to fucking kiss me on my lips. !!!??????!!!!!????!!! Who the fuck does that? 

Anyways I convince him to return to the hotel without touching me again, and he agrees. As soon as I get there, that cute bank guy comes over and decides to take me in his arms, give me a big fat kiss, and ask me if the guy harassed me. Apparently, he was my boyfriend. It made me wonder if I blacked out in my dream. 

That is when I decide to wake up and end this madness. I must say even in my dreams, New York rocks. :)

-a dreamer

Where art thou, brother?

Hey Friends!

How are you all dreamin’? Although, I haven’t gotten down to recording any of my dreams lately; I would like to share this one particular dream because it was one of the most horrific dreams I had in a very long time. So without any further due, here it comes:

I woke up on my bed with a killer headache and didn’t seem to remember how I got there. I sat up in my bed and stared at the wall in front of me, trying to recall what was going on. Suddenly, I realized it’s not my room. Where was I? What the hell was going on? I got out of the bed I thought was mine, and reached for the door. But somebody else opened it from the other side. I saw the love of my life standing in front of me wearing all white. Surely something wasn’t right. I didn’t know what to do, but he seems to. He didn’t waste any time, and gave me a hug. Although, it was comforting, I wasn’t sure what he was doing there or why was he giving me a hug. I wanted to ask him what was going on but he had hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t speak anything. Moments later, we started walking towards the stairs and made it downstairs. I was expecting to see my family seated there, but what I saw shocked me to the core and also reminded me why I had a killer headache.

I saw his family sitting where mine should have been. His mother was cooking breakfast wearing all whites, and his father was sitting on the dining table while his brother was browsing through the channels; both wearing all whites as well. It was then that it hit me. My family was no more. I wasn’t sure if it was the shocked realization of the dream or just the emptiness, I collapsed on the last stair and his whole family reached for me. As I gained the strength, I searched the room for my brother but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I turned towards my love and tried to ask him where my brother was but I couldn’t speak anything. His eyes were bloodshot red and there were tears in his eyes. Maybe he knew what I wanted to ask, he came close to me and whispered in my ear that he didn’t know where my brother was.

After giving me time to recover momentarily, he took me to the dinning table and his mother sat down next to me with a plate full of food. My love moved away and joined his brother. His mother put her hand on my head and with her other hand she started to feed me. I broke into tears and couldn’t eat it. It was then his father reached for my hand and held it while his mother tried to feed me again. After couple of bites, his mother asked my love to take me out for a while to get me some fresh air.  We both went out and sat on the deck for a while. Some time later, we came back in and his father told me that they had bought this house.

I woke up grasping for air, and felt dampness on my cheeks. I was really crying.

Till next time.

-Parul Khullar


Hey peeps!

What’s going on with you guys? Aiite, so this dream I had last night was because of the fact that I am taking a programming class where I have to build codes for various shapes. And as it happens to be, I have been stuck on this one homework assignment where I have to build The Space Needle (for all of you who don’t live in Seattle, it’s a enormous tower that was build for no apparent reason.)

So in my dream, I was in college and we learned this new code where you could hide the codes as a backdoor for entering into someone else’s files. However, at the same time, if you write that code efficiently enough you could block the predators attacking your material. But the twist in my dream was that first we were going to understand the concept by physically seeing in the real world. So our instructor took us out of the class room and gave us walkie talkies, and asked us to take our positions. The only problem was were about building away from each other where we can’t see anyone. And we had to try to come into their building by letting them know while they would have to stop us. Well as complex the game sounds, it actually ended being a lot of fun, and by the end of the class we had perfected on how the codes were working.

Till next time,

Parul Khullar

PS: this was my first dream where I actually had fun and learned something that’s not even real.

Java by Google

Java by Google

Dream a dream in a dream

Hey Peeps!

How are all my favorite people doing? [For you non-favorites too] I am in good spirit because today I woke up with a smile on my face with a dream, I had last night, in my mind. It felt good to finally be able to dream again.[Now I sound like someone who fell in love. Believe me, it's because of late night studying that I have not been able to get any sleep.]

So here’s the dream:

I was in the dark alley with no one in sight. I was waiting for someone [I don't know who, because no one bothered showing up], when I heard shouting and four guys standing far. The shouting was intense so I went there to take a closer look if they were okay. As I went really close, I saw that there were three robbers who were robbing an innocent man who looked like a factory worker. I didn’t know what to do so I searched my pocket for phone or something that I could use to help the person. I hid behind the building close by as I was searching through the pocket, and found my phone. As soon as I turned around, there was no one, just like they were never there. I went where I had seen the robbers rob that man to see if they ran somewhere, but I couldn’t find anyone. I crossed the road to the other side and ran a mile to see if I could see anyone in sight but I couldn’t. In confusion, I started back to where I was waiting for someone. I took my cell phone out of my pocket to check the time. It was 1am, and thought to myself why isn’t he here. I put the phone back into my pocket and looked up. My feet stopped cold and all the muscles in my body lost their movement, as if I have lost all the energy in my body and was plainly standing there hoping someone would help me move. I saw those robbers again, but they looked different from far. I saw their faces and I couldn’t help but notice that they all have the same mark above their right eye. It was star, like a symbol of a group or cult. I got a strange feeling that I had seen that star somewhere, I couldn’t remember. They all smiled at the same time, as if they knew me but I had no clue who they were. Then one of them reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded paper and extended it towards me. Without thinking, I took the paper from him, and opened to read it. It said, “New York, 8am”). I had no idea what was going on or what that paper meant. I looked up confused, looking for an explanation. One of the robbers, showed me a picture, and suddenly everything became clear. I couldn’t help but stare at the picture. My cheeks and eyes were warming up and I could feel the numbness in my eyes. I nodded and left for home with one thought in my head.

“If I am not in New York tomorrow by 8am, I might never see him again.”

And then I woke up.

Parul Khullar

PS: I am still not sure what this dream means. I hope there’s this dream comes back and I could know why do I have to be in New York at that time. Also, it was a place I have never seen before. And I still don’t know why those robbers attacked that guy, if they were waiting for me. And no I didn’t get the text from anyone of them.

Google alley

Google alley


Hey Peeps!

What’s going on? I think there’s a conspiracy Harjit is playing against me because she was in my dream again!! last night. hahaha.  And the suckiest part is that she erases my dreams. like a korean Ninja.

Well I remember one of the dreams where she was just trying to call someone from my cell phone and the call won’t go through. So, she called 911 and told them that if my phone could call 911 then why couldn’t it call that person. I wasn’t doing anything in my dream but I think she was high on her own food.

Sometimes, I wonder if she has to give in extra to be so blond amazing,

Just kidding.

I love you Pumpkin.

The Man of your Dreams

The Man of your Dreams.

Welcome Home!

Need I say more or did the title just tell you that I have been having dreams about moving home.

This is more like a note to myself stating I need a break


Feel the love.

Parul Khullar Someone stupid.

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